To blend pleasure with performance... you have to ritualize the pleasure.

Cheers! Salute! Skål!

As HR managers and professionals, we're often called upon to find innovative activities to rally our teams. And whether it's to improve communication between colleagues, motivate groups that have lost their energy, launch a major new initiative, create a feeling of belonging or break out of specialized, constrained ways of thinking, there's always room to develop as a team and improve our group performance.

So, why choose MeMyselfAndWine as a team-building activity? To enhance communication, teamwork and confidence within your work teams—elements that are vital to growth and have a positive impact on performance and well being in the workplace.

Our workshops help you understand yourself first. After all, we are individuals, with personalities, character traits and specific colours before we become part of a team. It's difficult to work on the "us" before we understand the "I." It's through the blending of these differences that we create the whole. Our mission is to develop a "colour palette" to help achieve a team's full potential.

We'll talk about ourselves and others and we'll learn how to interact with greater fluidity and harmony. We'll discover our strengths, our limits and the forces that motivate us. And we'll better understand how our processes and our work relationships are influenced by these factors. In the end, we'll realize how certain personality profiles are better suited to certain types of tasks. The idea is to increase the number of situations where we feel "flow"—the state of ultimate well being we experience when we have no conception of time passing. When we truly understand the situations that lead to job satisfaction, we can harness and cultivate them, increasing our sense of pleasure... a key element to increasing performance and productivity.

Giving your team moments of celebration helps increase overall pleasure at work. The ceremonies that surround enjoying wine help us ritualize the important moments in life: the wine of honour, a parting gift, sabering the Champagne... they're all perfect occasions to lift our glasses and say "Cheers!" We look each other in the eyes and wish the very best while sharing a common passion: wine and camaraderie. And in doing so, we join hearts and build a sense of community.

An initiation into the art of the sommelier... what better ritual to recognize work well done and consolidate our achievements as a group!