Which one should you choose?

Our workshops are designed for many types of corporate events and can be tailored in several ways:

Sparkling: a celebration, like a "happy hour"

  • A recognition event to highlight your results or celebrate the end of the year
  • A project kick-off, launch or to welcome a new team

White: to analyze and reflect on an issue – 1/2-day to full-day workshop

  • Strategic planning exercise
  • An impact-analysis activity before an important organizational change

Rosé: to bring people together, a networking formula

  • Networking activity to get to know one another
  • A special moment to break out of interdepartmental silos

Red: to activate a team – full-day or condensed program

  • A program to solve a client satisfaction problem or to kick-start a mobilization effort
  • A structure to help achieve goals, overcome challenges, win a competition

The pathway

What level of expertise would you like to acquire?
We'll customize an activity to meet your needs:

Discovery happy hour
Half day
Full day
Intensive program
Yearly program


  • WQ Test

    Reveals your blends

  • Notebook

    16 personality tags

  • Management games

    Cards for management role plays

  • Sociogram

    A snapshot of your team's blend

  • Wine Words

    To own and share a common vocabulary

  • Vintage your sales

    Tips and tricks for sales

  • Decanter

    A brief communication survival guide

  • Tasting Sheets

    Reminder to help appreciate wine even better

  • The champagne effect

    Best sales practices

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