Why choose MeMyselfAndWine as a team-building activity?

Because it's a simple, playful and effective way to enhance team spirit.

The MeMyselfAndWine concept enables us to compare our personalities to the four main types of wine: sparkling, rosé, red and white. It's an analogy that uses the characteristics of each wine to shed light on our individual preferences and ways of working and interacting.

During our workshops, we'll learn concrete ways of facilitating communication:

  • Create relationships more easily and effectively
  • Understand ourselves better to get along better
  • Avoid misunderstandings
  • Accelerate the problem-solving process

Every wine has its personality. What's yours?

The process starts with a questionnaire: 40 questions that can be answered in 20 minutes. The results give you your colour and help you learn more about yourself. A number of specific exercises confirm your personality blend in action and your profile-task pairing to help you stay in your maximum comfort zone as often as possible.

Where does the wine fit in?

Wine is part of our cultural heritage, our vocabulary, our celebratory rituals... it's only natural that we use that fact to help animate our conversations in everyday life.

You'll enjoy several wine-themed activities:

  • Learn how to decant
  • Create your team label
  • Knowing when the moment is ripe
  • Perfect pairings
  • The art and pleasure of tasting

A sommelier workshop rounds out the program.

Many of you will find the discussions sufficient, while others will want to participate in the sommelier activity during which you'll enjoy a symbolic wine, chosen specifically for your team by our experts. We'll also have non-alcoholic drinks on hand so everyone can take part.

Me, Myself: learning more about different personality types and combinations


Discover your personality profile, the strengths of your character, your optimal areas for growth, how to protect and cultivate your varietal... wine metaphors are an ideal way to help increase your communication skills and optimize your efficiency.

Learn more about your colleagues, their preferences... all the best ways to build relationships so you can save precious time and increase the pleasure of working together.

Create the right conditions around a common language that's colourful and playful, with simple imagery that easy to recall.

Wine: cultivating pleasure through tasting and celebration


Wine brings out our curiosity, stimulates our conversations and has a festive quality closely linked to celebratory rituals. You don't have to drink it to appreciate it; our experience will ensure that everyone enriches their understanding of wine and its culture.

Discover the unifying potential of this age-old nectar rooted in ancestral knowledge and art. Indeed, it's often said that the origins of wine are as old as humanity itself.

Wine possesses a rich vocabulary that brings people together around a universal subject. It offers a virtually limitless potential for parallels. Neophytes, wine lovers and experts will all have their thirst for learning satisfied.

In vino veritas… Wine as a concept to help us all seek and speak the truth!