To get results fast… you have to think in colour!

When you've pulled the cork, it's time to drink the wine.

This expression was around long before the invention of Vacuvin wine savers and other devices that help preserve the wine once the bottle has been opened. Yet the idea behind the expression is still valid: once a process has begun, there's no going back.

Unfortunately, all too often, some teams fail to finish what they started, to meet their goals or keep their promises. Just because they get stuck or reach an impasse doesn't mean they aren't motivated or trying hard enough. What if it were simply because the blending of their personalities needed a little more red?

Red personality types are action-oriented. They're motivated by results, by accomplishing a mission... they come from a perspective rooted in winning—all of which are vital in a group when you want to foster change.

A group is made up of different personality types. Learning how to identify them by colours reinforces group dynamics and team spirit. The MeMyselfAndWine Workshops offer tips and advice to help your teams optimize the meeting process by properly using the concept of colours to designate personality types.

Make the most of the different personality in your organization through the simple use of wine as a background theme. Are you a red, white, rosé or sparkling type? We'll help you find out!